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FHD Luxury TV 259LUXU-1107 Hot JAV I violently blame And let me give up The midwife who gives a sense of security with a careless smile


uploaded 2019/5/23







Rika Mizusumi


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핫 JAV The job of a midwife who assists women when giving birth. Experts who work at the forefront of life every day are the leading part of this Lagus TV. Mizusumi Rika (26). Short Bob looks good and she smiles brightly during the interview. She smiles and says, "It is the secret of being young." That is also very important in terms of relaxing women who are expecting to give birth. Such bright girl also had troubles that people could not confide. That is "I love sex". My job as a midwife, I have never confessed this trouble to my friends, and my desires have only accumulated every day. There was no partner who could eliminate it for more than a year, and I applied for this shooting. From the deep deep kiss that holds each other's tongue tight, from the soft touch to the foreplay gradually increasing in intensity from the neck and thighs to the chest and buttocks, the body with high sensitivity shakes and her excitement increases is. In addition, when the secretly wet secret is brought close to the other's face and carefully licked with the tongue, it will have an obscene expression and reach orgasm. I can't wait any longer, I will bark the barn of the offer to the depths of the throat, and continue to squeeze entangled with a brow 女性がお産をする時に介助する助産師というお仕事。日々、命の最前線で働く専門家が、今回のラグジュTVの主役です。水澄梨花さん(26)。ショートボブがよくお似合いで、インタビュー中も明るい笑顔を絶やさない彼女は「笑顔でいることが若さの秘訣です」と嬉しそうに語ります。それは、出産を控えた女性をリラックスさせる意味でも非常に重要なことなのでしょう。そんな明るい彼女にも、人には打ち明けられない悩みがありました。それは"セックスが大好き"なこと。助産師という職業柄、友人にもこの悩みを打ち明けたことは無く、欲求は日々溜まっていくばかり。さらに解消してくれるパートナーは1年以上も居らず、この撮影へと応募したのです。互いの舌をまとわりつかせる濃厚なディープキスから、首筋や太ももから胸・お尻など、ソフトタッチから徐々に激しさを増す前戯に、感度の高いカラダを震わせ、彼女の興奮は高まっていくのです。また、じんわりと濡れる秘所を相手の顔へと近づけて、舌でじっくり舐められると、卑猥な表情を浮かべオーガズムに達するのです。もう待ちきれないのか、差し出された男根を喉の奥まで咥え、涎を絡ませしゃぶり続けるのです

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