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Luxury TV 259LUXU-1001 Aya Ito 24-year-old fashion designer outstanding proportion of the original model! Lucky elder sister who leaks words saying


uploaded 8/28/2018









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Luxury TV


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Aya who is a proportion whose height is 165 cm tall, slender and stretched legs, and the original model nods. I think that the designer of clothes which is the current work has been continuing for four years, and there is also sense. It is a woman suited to the word of talented color. If such a woman is near, it seems that a man can not leave him alone, but he seems to have no encounter surprisingly. It is because of serious personality, I have never made a sefure, sex has not been done for 2 years since I broke up with my boyfriend. It seems that sex is consistent with precious ladies polishing and it is a motivation for this AV shoot appearance that it is imperative to establish opportunities for sex, as it is. It is a serious one everywhere. Even such serious Aya will also fly in reason if it becomes sex after a long time. Just swapping a kiss will make your face wobbly and let out moist sighs and pant voice. Even though serious things like licking anal in all posts sticking out in the posture of four legs, even though it seems to be disgusting as it is serious, I felt as it was being done and feeling that I will be touched many times from the back feeling "words that feel good there ..." It will leak out. It is assurance that Aya will get excited for the first time in her baby change. 身長165cmという高身長、スラッと伸びた脚、元モデルというのも頷けるプロポーションの綾さん。現在のお仕事である洋服のデザイナーも4年続けられているということで、センスもお有りなのでしょう。才色兼備という言葉の似合う女性です。こんな女性が身近にいたら、男性は放っておくはずがなさそうですが、意外と出会いが無いそうです。真面目な性格故でしょう、セフレを作ることもなく、彼氏さんと別れてからの2年間セックスはされてこなかったそうです。セックスは大切な女性磨きの一貫と考え、このままではいけない、セックスをする機会を設けよう、というのが、今回のAV撮影出演の動機なのだそうです。どこまでも真面目な方です。そんな真面目な綾さんでも、久しぶりのセックスとなれば理性も飛んでしまいます。キスを交わすだけで顔はウットリし湿っぽい吐息と喘ぎ声を漏らします。四つん這いで尻を突き出す姿勢でアナルを舐められるという、真面目な方ほど嫌がりそうなことですら、されるがままになり感じてバックから何度も突かれると思わず「そこ気持ちいい…」などという言葉も漏らしてしまいます。綾さんの豹変ぶりに、興奮すること請け合いです。

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